Technical Research and Extension Support

Impact assessment of agricultural development and research programs Policy analysis and preparation of short, medium, and long term development plans and strategies. Assessment of researches’ activities and preparation of short, medium, and long-term research plans and strategies. Advising, planning, designing on-farm research activities for assessing the adaptability and adoptability of new technologies for specific locations and agro-ecological zones. Support the development of varieties’ release procedures, and catalogues Support for the gene bank improvement, national collection management, and extension. Advising on plans and strategies for a regular extension of research outputs, methods, inputs, and new applicable technologies. Work on short, medium, and long-term plans and strategies for a timely extension of all applicable innovative and developed technologies, concepts, methods, and management systems. Improve digital extension Assessments for decentralizing the agricultural research and extension


Upcoming Event

AITF 2021

Afghanistan International Trade Fair (AITF), is the first international trade fair which will be held in Kabul from 8th – 11th December, 2021 at Uranus Palace. This event is orga ...Read More