“To connect you with the market”
We aim to bridge the gap between our domestic and international markets with friendly and supportive trade relations. We are striving for:

  1. Growing Afghanistan’s economy by Organizing exhibitions and conferences in Afghanistan and aboard.
  2. Boosting growth and prosperity of the Afghan domestic industry.
  3. Helping our industrialists and executives access international markets.
  4. Familiarizing Afghan industrialists with modern machinery and technology.
  5. Making Afghan industrialists and businessmen participate in domestic and international exhibitions to meet potential customers.
  6. Expanding Afghan trade-relationships with International traders.
  7. Creating direct relationships between domestic traders and foreign manufacturers and suppliers.
  8. Organizing B2B meetings on domestic and international platforms.
  9. Creating facilities for joint ventures inside and outside Afghanistan.

Upcoming Event

AITF 2021

Afghanistan International Trade Fair (AITF), is the first international trade fair which will be held in Kabul from 8th – 11th December, 2021 at Uranus Palace. This event is orga ...Read More