Trade Mission to Iran Plast Exhibition

Gig Way Exhibition Services & Bright Business Complex every year are going to organize trade mission for the visiting Iran Plast Exhibition since 2017.

During the visiting of the exhibition we are arranging conferences, seminars,  B2B & B2C Meeting for the delegations.

Iran Plast International Exhibition seeks to provide a background for the prosperity of domestic plastics industry market and facilitate the global marketing process and present this part of the country’s industry in global markets. Today, this exhibition is the largest plastic industry event in the Middle East and is classified among the prestigious exhibitions of the plastic industry in the world. This exhibition has passed 13 successful periods.

Rural Survey and community projects

Conducts rural surveys and works on community projects that include vegetable nursery, horticultural nursery, mushroom cultivation, floriculture, protected cultivation, Kitchen gardening, farm machinery purchase, and rent, online agro-input supply, mobile agriculture school, seed processing plant and floriculture, dairy, poultry, fisheries.

IT and Digital Agriculture Farming

  • Transforming farmers into a knowledge-based community, using precision insights
  • Promote & Support the development and delivery of timely, targeted information and services through Information & Communication Technology and data ecosystems
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities for large scale adoption of remote sensing applications in different states


OCSA Consulting Services committed that all internal business information with all other entities and individuals are securely managed, stored, processed, and protected. OCSA Consulting Services has a policy to secure the  privacy information of clients, staff, contractors, entities, and other individuals
OCSA Consulting Services believes that any document or parts of the document will not be shared with third party unless the official written permission from the respected related party is obtained. All electronic data and hard copy records, reports, documents, printouts, or other printed material containing identifiable or confidential information will be treated as confidential and will be kept secure at all times. We provide guidance on minimum retention periods and disposal of records and the data, documents, or information will not be kept for longer than its necessary period. Furthermore, we provide a secure confidential waste disposal service that should be used the disposable of documents containing identifiable or confidential documents and information.
Each engagement will be carried out confidentially and our team will neither use nor appear to use the acquired information during each engagement for personal, OCSA Consulting’s and third party’s advantage.

2nd Pic and content

OCSA Consulting Services work for the capacity building of the public and private sectors in modern and suitable agriculture and farming systems, agribusiness, environment, forestry and natural resources, livestock, postharvest technology, and marketing. The OCSA – Consulting Services operate and consulting projects cost-effectively with quality and timely completion behavior.