OCSA Consulting Services offers due diligence services to ensure that properties meet the project’s schedule, budget, and risk expectations. OCSA Consulting Services, a multi-discipline investigation is unique to each site. Our process establishes cost and risk dimensions associated with the project.


OCSA Consulting Services committed to behaving with the ethical policy and codes among all the staff and with clients, customers, beneficiaries, stakeholders, donors, individuals and entities through essential communication, coordination, and delivery of services.

Each staff has to review and acknowledge the policy and codes of ethical behavior before starting an official job with OCSA Consulting Services. OCSA Consulting Services employees are expected to act following the Company’s high standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness to foster a business climate that maintains such standards. Also, our employees are adhering to the Company’s code of business principles and conduct, and any applicable code of conduct. We are avoiding any conflicts of interest between ourselves and the Company as per the ethical behavior policy and codes.


OCSA Consulting Services committed that all internal business information with all other entities and individuals are securely managed, stored, processed, and protected. OCSA Consulting Services has a policy to secure the  privacy information of clients, staff, contractors, entities, and other individuals
OCSA Consulting Services believes that any document or parts of the document will not be shared with third party unless the official written permission from the respected related party is obtained. All electronic data and hard copy records, reports, documents, printouts, or other printed material containing identifiable or confidential information will be treated as confidential and will be kept secure at all times. We provide guidance on minimum retention periods and disposal of records and the data, documents, or information will not be kept for longer than its necessary period. Furthermore, we provide a secure confidential waste disposal service that should be used the disposable of documents containing identifiable or confidential documents and information.
Each engagement will be carried out confidentially and our team will neither use nor appear to use the acquired information during each engagement for personal, OCSA Consulting’s and third party’s advantage.


OCSA Consulting Services is committed to ensuring that our services carry out for the better livelihood of children, women, and men. We aim to provide suitable and applicable innovative services to benefit both women and men of farmers’ families, traders, public and private sectors. More important, women and men have the same opportunity to contribute at all levels of the organization as staff, advisors, and facilitators.