Investment Services

Gig Way is a one-stop solution for business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. We extend our gratitude in the form of friendly investments if any of our clients are facing difficulties in financing a project. We believe in removing every possible hurdle that may be stopping you from a noble or productive cause.


From our past experience we have developed a knowledge database and we know the investment opportunities in detail. We also know the investors’ needs and opportunities of joint-venture. We can connect different investors with similar goals to enable synergies of their investments and help them achieve their investment goals which otherwise could not have been achieved with single highhandedly.

Import & Export Services

Gig Way has mastered the art of removing documentation barriers in imports and exports. We are helping our clients spread their wings across the globe with their signature products to fulfill their needs with efficient imports/exports.

Advertisement Services

Gig Way is exceptionally talented in advertising exhibitions that gather the participants with a progressive mindset rather than crowding an event for pomp and show. For an even participant it is very important that he/she sees through the window of opportunities the event will open-up, we at GIG just not only advertise an event but the future benefits that these events bring to the participants.

Stall Design

Gig Way specializes in the area of exhibition stand designing, printing and installation, Custom stand design and build, Modular exhibition stand, two-story exhibition stand & Country Pavilion.  These services are available with us right from the design to the installation.

Marketing Services

Gig Way helps you propagate a positive image of your business or an entire exhibition to attract the attention of targeted stakeholders. We do not only market our client but we also market the values that our clients’ business possesses. This is essential for establishing a customer loyalty for your product/service because in today’s saturated markets only marketing your products/services is not enough. Customer must know who you are and we help you connect to them. Hence, we help economies grow with friendly and beneficial partnerships nationwide and across the borders.

B2B & B2C Meetings

Gig Way also provides services for B2B and B2C trade shows. We believe in making things look big yet elegant. So if you wish to make your show look elegantly big, look no further.

Trade Delegates

Gig Way has earned repute in hosting trade delegations both in Afghanistan and international exhibitions. We are the best in terms of the hospitality of our national and foreign delegates. Our high quality yet economical hosting services help the delegates to achieve their business tour objectives within the budget.

Event Management

Gig Way extends its services to event management of exhibitions, foreign pavilions, conferences, seminars, corporate events, and promotions. We are grateful for managing and polishing every detail related to events in our own creative way. The event that we manage speaks of the efforts that are put behind it and truly presents a picture of the best in the business. Our profile and past experience authenticates this claim.

Exhibition/Trade Fair

GIG Way organizes domestic and international exhibitions inside Afghanistan with a higher success rate of connecting like-minded people of business communities. We do assist our clients in exhibiting products in international fairs. Furthermore, we do organize foreign pavilions of international fairs in Afghanistan. In a war-torn country these exhibitions provide a reliable platform for the investors to connect to the business opportunities.