OCSA Consulting Services committed that all internal business information with all other entities and individuals are securely managed, stored, processed, and protected. OCSA Consulting Services has a policy to secure the  privacy information of clients, staff, contractors, entities, and other individualsOCSA Consulting Services believes that any document or parts of the document will not be shared with third party unless the official written permission from the respected related party is obtained. All electronic data and hard copy records, reports, documents, printouts, or other printed material containing identifiable or confidential information will be treated as confidential and will be kept secure at all times. We provide guidance on minimum retention periods and disposal of records and the data, documents, or information will not be kept for longer than its necessary period. Furthermore, we provide a secure confidential waste disposal service that should be used the disposable of documents containing identifiable or confidential documents and information.Each engagement will be carried out confidentially and our team will neither use nor appear to use the acquired information during each engagement for personal, OCSA Consulting’s and third party’s advantage

Upcoming Event

AITF 2021

Afghanistan International Trade Fair (AITF), is the first international trade fair which will be held in Kabul from 8th – 11th December, 2021 at Uranus Palace. This event is orga ...Read More