AITF 2021

Afghanistan International Trade Fair (AITF), is the first international trade fair which will be held in Kabul from 8th – 11th December, 2021 at Uranus Palace. This event is organized by Gig Way Exhibition Services with the assistance of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI), private Sector & government’s bodies.

In this exhibition; traders and manufacturers from all provinces of Afghanistan as well as from more than 10 other countries will display their products and services for four days.

Afghanistan International Trade Fair (AITF) provides valuable opportunity for manufacturers & traders to promote & expand their products and services and connect with consumers.

The purpose behind these efforts is to lift and support the domestic & international trade of Afghanistan by attracting investors, traders, manufacturers and experts from various sectors of the trading community. This will help to achieve improvements in bilateral trade, import and exports.

This platform could well prove to be a decisive moment in shaping the Afghanistan trade on modern and standardized lines. This event provides market expansion opportunities to the participants from different sectors of the industry such as traders, finished & semi finish-products manufacturers, machines & equipment importers, raw material producers, suppliers, and the Industry specific experts and consultants.

Due to the support of private and government bodies, this exhibition is the largest and most standardized international exhibition in Kabul-Afghanistan and therefore domestic & foreign traders and manufacturers are more interested to participate in this event.